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sabato 16 febbraio 2013

RnG Radio

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Tommy gun, you ain't happy less you got one 
Tommy gun, ain't gonna shoot the place up just for fun 
Maybe he wants to die for the money 
Maybe he wants to kill for his country 
Whatever he wants, he's gonna get it 

Tommy gun, you better strip it down for a custom run 
Tommy gun, waiting in the airport 'till kingdom come 
And we can watch you make it on the nine o'clock news 
Standing there in Palestine lighting the fuse 
Whatever you want, you're gonna get it 

Tommy gun, Tommy gun 

Tommy gun, you'll be dead when your war is won 
Tommy gun, but did you have to gun down everyone? 
I can see it's kill or be killed, a nation of destiny has got to be fulfilled 
Whatever you want, you're gonna get it 

Tommy gun, you can be a hero in an age of none 
Tommy gun, I'm cutting out your picture from page one 
I'm gonna get a jacket just like yours and give my false support to your cause 
Whatever you want, you're gonna get it 

Ok, so that’s agreed, about the price 
I make it one two, ten dollar 
For ten, reasonable 
And boats and tanks and planes, it's your game 
Kings and queens and generals learn your name 
And I see all the innocents, the human sacrifice 
And if death comes so cheap then the same goes for life

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